Prices for longarm services are based on the size of the quilt and degree of complexity of the services rendered.

Schedule a visit to our studio for a complimentary consultation in which you can receive a good faith estimate for the services you desire.  If a visit to our studio in Ingram is not convenient, please contact us for alternative arrangements.

Things to Keep in Mind When Planning for Longarm Quilting Services

Machine quilting results in a durable (and sometimes machine washable finished quilt -  depending on fabrics, fabric preparation and batting choices).

Size of Quilt: Charges are applied by the square inch for most of the services below. Exceptions will be discussed at your consultation. There is a $50 minimum charge for each quilted product regardless of size.

Pantograph Quilting: Rows of pre-designed hand-guided edge-to-edge quilting (a pattern repeated from side to side and top to bottom). This is the most economical type of longarm quilting.

Note: Pantograph edge-to-edge quilting is not as dense as other custom types of quilting and results in a soft, cuddly quilt. It is especially appropriate for quilts that will be used (and loved) a lot. You can choose from a library of designs and motifs for this process.

Border Work: Quilting that results in a different pattern on the border than the body of the quilt. There is an extra charge  due to the extra time involved in this process.

Artistic Free-Motion Edge-to-Edge Quilting: Rather than using a pre-determined design, the quilter creates designs while quilting resulting in one of a kind quilting designs.
Due to the creative process and extra care needed for this technique, there is an extra charge for this type of work.

Precision Custom Quilting, Microstippling, Ruler Work: Quilting that requires precision placement on the quilt top and/or dense, detailed work. This is the most time consuming (and costliest) type of quilting and usually reserved for hand appliqued quilts, potential heirloom quilts and/or quilts that will be entered into Quilt Competitions and Shows.

Custom Machine Embroidered Quilt Labels: For an  extra charge, we can create a custom quilt label for you that includes a decorative motif  of your choice as well as the information you would like to include.

Additional Charges

Corrective Preparatory Work: Work to correct or prepare a quilt top, batting or quilt back for longarm quilting beyond the usual placing of the backing, batting and quilt top on the frame. This is work that can be accomplished by the quilter prior to submitting the quilt to the longarm quilter, thus avoiding extra charges. (See the "Preparing Your Quilt" page for tips on how to save money and produce a better quilt).

For instance, if the quilt top is very uneven, is full of loose threads and/or has blocks that are only loosely sewn together, charges will be applied to compensate for the time to correct these problems so that the quilt will be the very best it can be upon completion.

If the quilt backing supplied by the customer is not large enough for the longarm frame, additional fabric must be sewn onto one or more sides for this purpose. (It is removed after the quilting process and is not part of the final quilt back). There is an additional charge if we must add the extra fabric. The "Preparing Your Quilt" page describes how to avoid this problem.

Supplies and Materials: There are thread, backing and batting charges if we supply these items. If thread color changes are ordered there is an additional charge for this. Other special requests can be discussed during your consultation and if there are addional charges for them it will be included in the good faith estimate.